Koncept Sobre Desk Lamp


Sobre™ is particularly suited for providing consistent, energy-efficient light for any extended worksurface in public spaces. Use one module for minimalist look, or connect up to three modules for extended light coverage. The rotatable horizontal light bar and the optional control unit that features a built-in touchstrip and an occupancy sensor give you maximum flexibility and convenience. Durable anti-theft mounting options available for public installation.


Energy & Atmosphere (EA) 
Credit 1.1: Optimize Energy Performance (Potential points: 3)

Innovation In Design (ID) 
Credit 1.1–1.4: Innovation in Design (Potential points: 4)


    • Model: SF1-30 SF1-40
    • Number of LEDs: 42 56 
    • Energy Consumption: 11 W 14 W 
    • LED Rated Lifespan: 50,000 hours
    • Color Temperature (Typical) – Cool: 4,500 K
    • Color Temperature (Typical) – Warm: 3,500 K
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85
    • Dimmer¹: Built-in touchstrip
    • Brightness Adjustability¹: Multiple dimming levels
    • Standard Color Finish²: Metallic Black, Silver, White
    • Material: Aluminum/Plastic
    • Mounting: Through-table mount (Included)
    • Maximum Brightness (18” above desk)³: 87 fc
    • Maximum Connected Modules: 4 3
    • Transformer: 48 watts
    • Accessories: Optional control unit
    • Aluminum housing is fully recyclable
    • All color finishes use water-based paint
    • All cardboard used in packaging is FSC certified
    • LEDs do not contain mercury

    *in standard configuration (includes transformer and weighted base)

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