Koncept Tono Floor Lamp

$550.00 $605.00

An LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Tono™ gives you every light color option you can imagine. Turn on the white color mode, choose between warm or cool light to brighten up your living space with a soft glow. Or switch to the color mode to splash any desirable color onto your wall or furniture. Want some drama? Turn on the color shuffle mode and let a rainbow of colors dance freely around your room.


Energy & Atmosphere (EA) 

  • Credit 1.1: Optimize Energy Performance (Potential points: 3)

Innovation In Design (ID) 

  • Credit 1.1–1.4: Innovation in Design (Potential points: 4)


  • Number of LEDs: 126
  • Energy Consumption: 18 W
  • LED Rated Lifespan: 10,000 hours
  • White Light Color Temp.: From 2,700 K to 8,000 K
  • Color Range: 1,500 combinations of Red, Green & Blue
  • Dimmer: Built-in Touch Sensor
  • Brightness Adjustability: Continuous Dimming
  • Standard Color Finish¹ : White
  • Material: Aluminum/Plastic
  • Cord Length: 10’
  • Maximum Brightness: Approx. 600 lumens
  • Aluminum housing is fully recyclable
  • All color finishes use water-based paint
  • All cardboard used in packaging is FSC certified
  • LEDs do not contain mercury
    *in standard configuration (includes transformer and weighted base)

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