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Mission:  To offer responsible design -- modern, attractive, durable furnishings that are safe and sensitive to the environment.

Why:  respondé believes warm positive spaces are essential for supporting productive lives and good health.

Who:  respondé is a modern sustainable furnishings company offering handsomely crafted, durable furnishings that are sensitive to the environment.  Our collection is a combination of internally created and carefully curated pieces. Materials are: reclaimed, renewable or recyclable – enabling green interior projects to earn LEED credits.  Safe protective finishes ensure good indoor air quality.  Our pieces exhibit the durability demanded for commercial use and the elegance desired for home.  respondé is responsible design.

When:  respondé was founded in June 2011 out of Christy Everett’s passion for modern design and furnishing. Combining seven years of furniture industry experience with an innate appreciation for design and detail, Christy has created an elegant line with functionality.


  respondé is responsible design

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